knowing when to seek help when you are worried about food restriction and weight loss is a very good idea. How many of these statements sound like you?

  • I can’t stop thinking about food, but can’t eat it
  • I have rules about my food intake that I get anxious about if I can’t follow
  • if I do break my rules, then I need to restrict better tomorrow
  • I feel upset if I cannot exercise to burn up some extra calories
  • I sometimes make myself sick because I have eaten too much and feel fat
  • I feel fat when I eat because my tummy feels bloated
  • sometimes when I feel low, I start eating and can’t stop
  • when I can’t stop eating, it feels good at first, then I just feel thumb and then I feel really bad, but I keep doing it

If you have answered yes to several of these statements above, you may well be developing an eating disorder. Ask for help. In the first instance make an appointment and see your GP, who will talk you through what to do. If you need more help planning your diet, contact Carine using the contact form, or if you want to talk anonymously contact B-EAT – the UK charity for supporting people affected by eating disorder.

Have a look or download this page to remind you about the differences between normal eating and disordered eating …