turmeric & coconut dahl
with roasted
mediterranean vegetables

I never thought i’d be saying this, say 5 years ago, but I am loving vegan cooking. That’s not to say I never eat meat, but prefer to eat much much less these days. Strangely, or actually – reality check – when I’ve known the animal I feel differently about choosing to eat it. Near when I live, on Stourbridge Common, the beautiful cows graze, and I have become very fond of them – perhaps one day I will stop eating meat altogether … until then I will be flexitarian … anyway I wanted to share a vegan recipe which my teens at home LOVE! Listen, share, cook or save the recipe below and check out the nutrition profile!

nutritional profile

Key nutrients in the is dish, assuming a standard portion size of 250g and comprising against standard teenage dietary needs for key nutrients.

Rich in fibres, antioxidants, protein, calcium, iron, B vitamins, magnesium – this is a filling meal, who cares about the calories! don’t forget that teens needs about 2000- 2800 daily. Make your calories count. Ok, we do have to think about calories sometimes – estimated 500kcals, 22g protein.